Native Advertising and Content Production
Native articles
With native content we help businesses overcome brand challenges and achieve goals: attract new clients, drive awareness, enhance reputation.
What is Native Content?
It is an article that
Is written by editors
Has a topic related to your brand
Promotes your brand and contains useful information for the audience
The similarity to editorial articles
People come to the media for stories and are used to them here
Native content works because of
Exciting powerful content
That is useful for people and evokes positive emotions
Catchy Headline

Brand mention close to the headline

Banner in article

Custom content to support the article topic:

How does the native article look like?
How Native content is created?
We discuss brand targets, product key benefits and features
We create several suggestions for your approval
We create all the materials: article text, images, infographics or video
We publish the content and promote it in the newsletter, social networks and via website main page
We share an extensive report on how the article performs
We guarantee a minimum of 4 000 views of the article
Video production
We have one of the strongest video content teams in Africa
We will create a video that suits your brand needs:
Corporate video
Explainer video
Event coverage
Live stream
Motion graphics/animation
Product review/testimonials
Case study
Real estate video
Native video placement on
YEN TV YouTube channel
It is possible to sponsor one of our TV Shows or individual videos if you understand that the audience perfectly matches with people your brand targets.
We guarantee a minimum of 5 000 views of the video
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